Hey there!

Are you looking for a skilled dancer or a choreographer for a creative crossover collaboration? Perhaps a charismatic and versatile actor for a theatre or film production? Maybe you simply need a sharp assisting director with an eye for both detail and the big picture? Look no further!

I'm highly ambitious, positive and energetic both as a person and as an artist. When it comes to my work or my art, there is no settling. It's all or nothing, every time. Regardless of how small or big the production is, I will not only work my ass off, but also do my best to support the whole team for the greatest possible outcome. 

Do not hesitate to contact me for castings, questions, CV or references. I'm currently based in Stockholm, Sweden, but traveling for work is not an issue for me.  Looking forward to hearing from you!


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Personal info:

167 cm

Clothing size
S/ 36

Hair color

Eye color

Finnish (native),
Swedish and English (fluent)